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SAVC: Let’s Talk Legal Webinar

Webinar Series – Live Webinar Let’s Talk Legal Webinar – Complaints, inquiries and the processes followed in resolving these matters 

Join us for a live webinar on Wednesday 31st of March, 14:00 OR 19:00 CAT
The SAVC kindly reminds you of the live webinar it will be hosting on 31st March 2021, dealing with legal matters. 

Keynote Speakers Dinamarie Stolz the Director of Legal Affairs at the SAVC
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  You will be able to view the webinar from a mobile app or on a desktop computer through a web page.

To download the mobile app, please use the following links:  
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NWU Vacancy: Senior Laboratory Animal Technologist

Purpose of the position: To provide management oversight to the breeding and supply of Specified Pathogen Free (SPF) rodents, as well as to provide technical assistance to researchers. The position shall also provide management and implementation of a quality management system.


  • Three-year diploma in experimental Animal Technology or equivalent (IAT Level 3)
  • Registration/Full Authorisation with the South African Veterinary Council


  • SPF rodent breeding management
  • SPF operations management
  • Managing of staff
  • Monitoring, evaluation and reporting
  • Liaison with researchers and technical support
  • Establish and implement a quality assurance system
  • Service and appliances liaison
  • Import/ export permits


Functional/Technical competencies (Knowledge and Skills)

  • Knowledge of different rodent strains and an understanding of the application of Mendel’s laws
  • Knowledge of health screening systems (sentinels) and aseptic sampling techniques
  • Knowledge of laboratory rodent breeding behaviour
  • Knowledge of different infectious agents, how they multiply, spread and affect animals
  • Technical knowledge of and experience in especially an SPF area
  • Experience in keeping animals in the best microbiological status
  • The ability to function independently and as part of a team
  • Small animal (rodent) experimental techniques
  • Computer literacy, particularly in processing data (Excel, MS Word)
  • Good planning and forethought
  • Analytical thinking and data interpretation
  • Interpersonal relations


  • Membership with SAALAS
  • 3 Years’ experience in an experimental rodent breeding facility
  • 3 Years’ experience with animal research (mice and rats) techniques
  • 3 Years’ experience in implementation of a quality assurance system such as OECD Good Laboratory Practice

       ENQUIRIES                                         : Prof RK Hayeshi

       CLOSING DATE                                  : 29 March 2021

       COMMENCEMENT OF DUTIES           : As soon as possible

       TO APPLY                                           : Please visit website: ***url***/vacancies”>***url***/vacancies

The University subscribes to and applies the principles of the Employment Equity Act and is committed to transformation.

The University reserves the right not to make an appointment. If you are not contacted within two months from the closing date of this advertisement, please accept that your application was unsuccessful

Did you know?

The main responsibility of a Laboratory Animal Technologist (LAT)

This week we will not only be celebrating Laboratory Animal Technologist Day but recognise and celebrate laboratory animal technologists for their essential contributions as members of the veterinary and research team.

SAALAS is excited to join the SAVC in celebrating both Laboratory Animal Technologists (LAT) and Animal Caretakers today. We recognise the essential contributions that Laboratory Animal Technologists (LAT) and animal caretakers bring as members of veterinary and research teams, both to the wellbeing of the animals in their care and the scientific discoveries. LATs and animal caretakers are the dedicated people interacting daily with the animals ensuring their compassionate care.

Did You Know?

  • LATs are involved with setting-up and ensuring that animal research projects are done as described in approved Animal Ethics Committee (AEC) protocols.
  • LATs are directly responsible for ensuring that animals used for scientific purposes are provided with the best housing and care as well as maintaining the laboratory animal facility.
  • LATs perform clinical procedures such as anaesthesia, substance administration, and sample collection.
  • LATs manage laboratory animal breeding programs which may include specialised reproductive procedures like embryo transfers.
  • LATs work with Quality Management Systems and are responsible for animal facility management tasks.