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Syllabus V1-07 Levels 2-3

IAT Level 2 Diploma in Laboratory Animal Science & Technology (

This Diploma builds on the animal husbandry knowledge, gained in the animal husbandry diploma, to give candidates a broad understanding of key scientific principles.    Laboratory animal housing & routines (F/602/5879)

  • The production of laboratory animals (T/602/5880)
  • Laboratory animal nutrition (A/602/5881)
  • Introduction to ethics and laboratory animal facility legislation (F/602/5882)
  • Laboratory animal health & husbandry (J/602/5883)
  • Laboratory animal biology (Y/602/6049)
  • Animal facility physical science (L/602/6050)
  • Numeracy for animal technicians (D/602/6053)
  • Communication for animal technicians (Y/602/6052)
  • Information Communication Technology for animal technicians (R/602/6051)

IAT Level 3 Diploma in Laboratory Animal Science & Technology (

This Diploma is designed for more experienced technologists and encourages you to develop a thorough understanding of the principles and practices of good animal welfare and scientific practice.  You are prepared for more responsibility within the Industry and for the transition to Higher Education if you so wish.

  • Housing and biosecurity barriers in laboratory animal facilities (A/602/5976)
  • Disease control (M/602/6039)
  • Laboratory animal welfare (H/602/6040)
  • Management of breeding colonies (K/602/6041)
  • The use of GA animals in research (M/602/6042)
  • Scientific procedures (T/602/6043)
  • Ethics and laboratory animal facility legislation (A/602/6044)
  • Animal transportation (J/602/6046)
  • Animal cell biology (L/602/6047)
  • Laboratory animal physiology (R/602/6048)

Level allows comparison with similar qualifications on the National Qualification Framework. These modules allow professional recognition for vocational academic achievement and can be used towards entry for:

  • Higher Education IAT First Certificate in Animal Husbandry
  • IAT First Diploma in Animal Technology
  • IAT National Certificate in Animal Technology

For more details on how to enroll, please contact:
Venture Forward Limited
PO Box 7351
RG26 9BN
Institute of Animal Technology

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