The Purpose and Objectives of Laboratory Animal Technologist (Lat) Special Interest Group (Sig)

Who Are We?

The LAT-SIG works under the umbrella of South African Association for Laboratory Animal Scientists (SAALAS).

The LAT-SIG represents Laboratory Animal Technologist as a profession by maintaining the boundaries of our unique job description within the veterinary field and by standing as a united body to voice the concerns and opinions of the individuals that make up our profession.

LAT-Training and Education (T&E) works under the auspices of the LAT-SIG and is dedicated to building and disseminating a knowledge base in laboratory animal science for education and training of those who work in this field.


To advance the knowledge, skills, and status of laboratory animal technologists,
To improve standards of care for animals used for scientific purposes,
To provide the forum for exchange and dissemination of knowledge and educational materials to laboratory animal technologists.

Main Objectives

To maintain the highest standard of personal conduct, as stipulated by the South African Veterinary Council) (SAVC) rules of the para-veterinary profession of the LAT [accessed August 2020]
To support research and serve as the premier forum for exchange of information and expertise in the care and use of laboratory animals.
To promote and encourage the highest level of ethics within the profession of laboratory animal science.
To ensure that all laws and regulations relating to the profession of laboratory animal science are upheld.
Strive for excellence in all aspects of the profession of laboratory animal science.
To educate and train all members on legal and ethical conduct in all professional activities.
To use every opportunity to improve public understanding of the role of the profession of laboratory animal technologists. To communicate to members any related news from the SAVC.
To communicate to members any related news from the SAALAS Exco.

Why Should You Be A Member?

Enrich your career by networking with other professional at conferences, workshops, meetings and through online resources.
Increase your knowledge and professionals development through scientific journals, publications and educational meetings. All SAALAS members get members discount.
Being a member of LAT-SIG members are able to have inputs in matters affecting profession through veterinary council.
Update in all development within the profession of laboratory animal science.

The purpose / functions / objectives of the LAT-Training and Education (T&E) group are as follows:

  1. To work under the auspices of SAALAS and the LAT-SIG.
  2. To maintain the LAT Day 1 Skills (D1S) up to date.
  3. To monitor and maintain all other training and education up to date as required by the South African Veterinary Council (SAVC).
  4. To provide on-line mentoring at no charge for IAT students (provided they are fully paid up members of SAALAS).
  5. To liaise with UNISA.
  6. To maintain IAT student list and contact details up to date.
  7. To ensure training of assessors.
  8. To maintain assessor list and contact details up to date.
  9. To work closely with the LAT-SIG group to organise workshops and webinars.
  10. To allow members to communicate with LAT-T&E – encourage two – way communication.

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