New Member Applications Policy

  1. Applications shall either be proposed by at least one Ordinary Member who has personal knowledge of the candidate, or shall provide the names of two referees who will support the application.
  2. Completed application form to be sent to SAALAS Membership Secretary using email address
  3. Application form sent by SAALAS Membership Secretary to all SAALAS Executive board members requesting approval, disapproval, or clarifications. The Executive Committee shall have absolute discretion in deciding whether any applicant shall be admitted to membership of the Association.
  4. Applicants whose membership has been approved will be informed by the Membership Secretary of the Association.
  5. Treasurer determines membership fee (if applicable) and sends invoice to applicant.
  6. On receipt of the subscription fee the applicant’s name will be entered on the members list.
  7. An ordinary member in good standing shall enjoy all the rights and privileges of the Association including participation in meetings, discussion forums, voting and holding office as provided in the constitution.

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